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How we optimise heating system design in homes Our heating engineers carefully consider factors such as heat loss, heat transfer, running costs, and BUS ( Boiler Upgrade Scheme) Savings and design the perfect heating system for your property.

After our in-depth inspection, we will provide full recommendations for the heating system in your property including the size of air/ ground heat pump needed, radiator size, placement and full system calculations. Unfortunately, heat pumps are not effective in every home due to factors such as location, space and property heat loss.

Radiators placement
We determine the best radiator placement to maximise heating performance and make the most out of your system's heating. Using our knowledge and expertise we make sure that your radiators will be placed optimally.

Pipework layout
Nmb plumbing create a pipework layout that optimises heating performance.

Heat pump sizing
Getting the correct size heat pump for your home is key to maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of the heat pump. We complete the calculation and use our knowledge of heating system design to give you the perfect solution.

BUS benefit
The Boiler Upgrade Scheme(BUS) offers grants to install renewable heating systems such as heat pumps. We can help give you an idea of how much the BUS will be for your chosen renewable heating solution.

Why do you need to have your heating designed?

With the increase in gas & energy prices having an efficient heating system is key with our central heating services we can link air or ground source heat pumps with underfloor heating creating the most efficient heating systems for your property.

Expert Heating Engineers
We are experts in hydronic engineering or heating engineering & are registered heat geeks so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Bespoke Heating Designs
Our heating engineers specialise in providing bespoke solutions for your property with in-depth heat loss calculations, system planning and drawings so you can visualise your new heating system.

Who do we offer our heating system design services to?
We can work with private clients to provide a bespoke solution to their new build or existing property. But we're also at home working on larger new build sites & at commercial properties. If you're interested in any of our service get in touch with our expert heating engineers and we can discuss the best heating solution for your needs and offer a free site survey & no-obligation quote.